Don Trump Jr Wipes Smirk Off Whoopi’s Face After She Attacked POTUS: “You Defended Roman Polanski”


Without a doubt, a new political star was born today and he is the man the left loves to hate – Don Trump Jr.

Showing smarts, quick thinking, a sharp wit, studiousness as he certainly did his homework, and humility to admit he made mistakes (something POTUS some say to he detriment).

And straight-up honesty. He explained the Trump name has helped him like Hunter Biden but correctly pointed out the difference in that the Trump org is a private business and there were no jobs or board seats or hedge fun cash infusions that could be seen as political favors.

He also staunchly defended his father form various attacks from all sides today. He more than held his own and at certain times actually silenced Joy and Whoopi.

At one point Whoopi was arrogantly bashing POTUS and basically calling him low character with an all-knowing smirk on her face.

Don Trump Jr, quick on his feet, immediately and literally wiped the smirk off her face with

“You defended Roman Polanski. “It wasn’t rape, rape when he raped a child.”

Whoopi was stunned and started to mumble.

Damn the kid is good.


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