Don Trump Jr Hits Back At Joy Behar After She Attacked POTUS: “You’ve Worn Blackface”


Don Trump Jr has been talked about as a potential political candidate recently and while I was skeptical, after watching him on the View today I think he would be very formidable.

Look, today the Republicans only go on Fox and the Dems only go on MSNBC and CNN (CNN does have some Republicans on).

What people forget is that Trump went to all the networks – not now because CNN and MSNBC hate him – but early he went everywhere and talked to anyone without a script.

He said the same thing to each audience and is consistent to this day – you may not like his policies but you know where he stands.

America wants to see people cross the aisle and defend their positions and that is what Don Trump Jr just did with great success today on hostile territory.

And for that reason, he could be a great politician because he not only can take it and dish it out, he does it with a smile on his face because he is having fun. He and Joy and Whoopi know it is all a game.

As an example, Joy went after his father for certain comments basically calling him a racist and Jr without missing a beat hit back – well you wore blackface, literally wiping the smirk right off Joy’s face.

From Mediaite

Host Whoopi Goldberg cited the unyielding opposition to President Barack Obama, and told Trump that part of being president is “having a pair.”

“My father’s got a pair,” Junior shot back, adding “and no one, no sitting president, has taken the heat that Donald Trump…”

“That is bull dog,” Goldberg said.

As Junior continually interrupted, Behar read off a laundry list of Trump controversies, saying “He also called Mexicans rapists,  some Mexicans are rapists, he attacked the handicapped, he bragged about the Access [Hollywood] tape, we heard bragging about grabbing women by their genitalia.”

“That’s what Meghan is talking about, she’s talking about lowering the discourse to his level, which is horrible for this country even if people are working, we don’t want to have a country like that, do you understand that?” Behar said.

“We’ve all done things that we regret, I mean for talking about bringing the discourse down, Joy, you’ve worn blackface.”


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