Don Trump Jr Finds Skeleton In Adam Schiff’s Closet, Ruthlessly Exposes It


Don Trumo Jr. has had enough of Adam Schiff and his constant and quite possibly criminal classified leaking.

Schiff and the Democrats will stop at nothing to damage President Trump including putting all their cards behind a convicted felon and known liar Michael Cohen.

That just reeks of desperation as did Cohen’s recent bombshells that he did in fact desperately want a job in the White House and was begging for a pardon from Trump.

He didn’t get either so he went to Adam Schiff.  Who, according to a new allegation by Don Trumpo Jr. is a leaker of classified material which is a crime.  From BPR:

Donald Trump Jr. slammed his father’s former personal attorney and “weasel Adam Schiff” in a tweet Thursday, calling for an investigation after Cohen appeared to have contradicted his testimony before the House Oversight Committee.

The former attorney to President Trump had reportedly asked his previous lawyer, Stephen Ryan, to inquire about a presidential pardon shortly after the FBI raided his home in April 2018. If true, this would directly contradict Cohen’s congressional testimony on Feb. 27 when he stated, “I have never asked for, nor would I accept, a pardon from Mr. Trump.”

So when he was shut down in his quest for a pardon, he figured he could save his ass by telling weasel Adam Schiff whatever he wanted to hear? I hope someone looks into this purjury… and investigates the leaks. #fullofschiff

— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) March 7, 2019

In a report on Wednesday, CNN indicated that during the House Intelligence deposition, Cohen had provided documents which showed Trump’s lawyers had made edits to the false written statement he gave to Congress in 2017. But in an update later, Cohen’s lawyer, Lanny Davis, revealed that the false line was by Cohen himself who had his attorney at the tie help to make edits.

CNN bungles another ‘bombshell’ when House Intel leaks on Cohen testimony go all wrong

— Conservative News (@BIZPACReview) March 7, 2019

The report from CNN came during Cohen’s closed-door testimony to the House Intelligence Committee on Wednesday, raising the issue of leaks and who was behind them.

Where is the investigation into Schiff? Whenever he goes on CNN, there’s a good chance he probably leaked something earlier in the day to one of their “reporters”.

— Nick Short (@PoliticalShort) March 7, 2019

In fact, some would even say there was a predictable pattern.

  1. Schiff/Dems have been directly leaking closed door testimony to their staffers.
  2. Staffers then go to various “reporters” at CNN.
  3. CNN reports the staffers as “multiple sources familiar w/committee” to corroborate the leak.
  4. Schiff goes on CNN.
  5. Rinse/repeat.

— Nick Short (@PoliticalShort) March 7, 2019

 Trump Jr. contended that “they’re not looking for the truth. It’s a joke,” noting that he was subject to just such a leak back in December 2017.

Happened to me as well. The real question is with this pattern of behavior, and the obvious source, why would anyone ever cooperate voluntarily with these committees when they know the discretion they were promised means nothing? They’re not looking for the truth. It’s a joke.

— Donald Trump Jr. (@DonaldJTrumpJr) March 7, 2019

CNN was broadcasting the scoop from Trump Jr.s House Intelligence testimony even while he was still behind closed doors. But in an embarrassing setback for the network, the information was not actually accurate and CNN had to issue a retraction on the information that was clearly leaked.

The president suggested in a tweet on Sunday that Schiff “illegally” leaks information to “Fake News CNN and others.”

And also illegally leaking to Fake News CNN & others?

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) March 4, 2019


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