Don Trump Jr Destroys Eric Swalwell After CA Democrat Tried To Smear HIm


Don Trump Jr just set the record straight in blistering fashion after another media outlet ran a smear job on him.

NPR of all places ran a clear hit piece falsely claiming that Trump Jr.’s Senate testimony about the potential Moscow Trump Tower project was inconsistent with Michael Cohen’s.

The left exploded and piled on gloating that Don Jr may be facing charges that he lied to Congress when a funny thing happened.

The report was false. Enter Don Trump Jr who had a few choice words for those who were dancing on his grave. First to NPR:

“I guess this is as close as I’ll get to an apology where yet another ‘bombshell’ bites the dust,” Trump Jr. tweeted before offering a “Pro tip” at CNN’s expense. “Pro tip: don’t just rush to publish anything thinking that it’s the got ya you so desperately want it to be. CNN has the market cornered on that… let them own it.”

Then he took aim at Senator Patrick Leahy tweeting:

“You were saying senator??? Please correct this immediately so you aren’t misleading many people now that even NPR corrected their sloppy attempt to smear me.”

But he saved the best for last, the ever arrogant and Presidential hopeful Eric Swalwell.

You were saying Eric? Maybe you should read the correction issued rather than chasing yet another shiny object. After 2 years of fails it just makes you look stupid (a fitting look for you). Obviously the truth isn’t convenient for your objective so I imagine you’ll stay quiet!

“Their desperation to take me out is palpable. I’ll take it as a compliment, it’s so over the top they must view me as a real threat to their leftist agenda. Keep trying kids… I love the fight!!!

“Serious question for non-biased “fact checkers” — What % of corrected or withdrawn stories originally erred in Trump’s favor? I honestly don’t recall a single one. The media’s “Oops, honest mistake” defense breaks down when you consider this point. @GlennKesslerWP? @APFactCheck?”


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