Devin Nunes’ New Demand Spells Doom For James Comey


Devin Nunes went to CPAC and made a new demand that struck fear in James Comey’s heart.

Nunes wants the whole Mueller report and even underlying documents released to the public.

Nunes is correct – the whole thing, the good, the bad and the ugly must be released to the public and let the chips fall where they may.

Nothing should be held back, they should trust the American people to make the correct decision. From Politico:

House Intelligence Committee ranking member Devin Nunes called Friday for full transparency from special counsel Robert Mueller if his final report on Russian election interference is made public, demanding that any release include every piece of evidence that Mueller used to compile the report.

The California Republican, in an appearance at the Conservative Political Action Conference alongside Tom Fitton, president of the right-wing activist group Judicial Watch, prefaced his proposal by saying he doesn’t believe “Mueller has any report to put out that would be worthwhile, with anything new.”

But, the California Republican said, “If he does put out a report, you’re gonna see people claiming, ‘Oh we have to have this public, it’s got to be made public.’ That’s fine. But I want everything that Mueller did made public. I want email, I want everybody that they wiretapped, every warrant that they got, every single thing that Mueller used needs to be made public for all of America to see.”

From The Daily Caller:

Congressman Devin Nunes stipulated that all of special counsel Robert Mueller’s activities be made public in addition to whatever report he issues to Attorney General Bill Barr, in a Conservative Political Action Committee panel Friday.

Nunes declared that if the Mueller report is to be made public to Congress that then “everything that Mueller did” should be made public including his “emails … everybody they wiretapped.”

“Every single thing they used should be made public for all of America to see,” he continued.

Mueller is expected to issue his report to Barr in the coming weeks as his investigation wraps up. The report, however, may not be made public in any form, with Barr saying during his congressional confirmation hearing that “the special counsel will prepare a summary report on any prosecutive or declination decisions and that shall be confidential and shall be treated as any other declination or prosecutive material within the department.”

Barr continued in his hearing that “the attorney general, as I understand the rules, would report to Congress about the conclusion of the investigation. I believe there may be discretion there about what the attorney general can put in that report.”


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