Devin Nunes Mocks Adam Schiff For Chasing After Nude Photos of Trump as GOP Dismantles Dems Impeachment Case On First Day


Elise Stefanik a Republican Rep from New York dismantled the Democratic smear campaign against President Trump today with brutal accuracy.

She hit the Dems witnesses with a barrage of pointed questions. She made some key points tweeting out: “The most important facts for millions of Americans that Adam Schiff doesn’t want you to know:”

“Ukraine DID receive the aid. There was NO investigation into Biden. The Trump Admin provided defensive lethal aid to Ukraine. The Obama Admin did not.”

Jim Jordan also scored a few knockout blows for the GOP and Trump and helped expose the sham inquiry for the political theater that it is.

Jordan hammered home that “aid was delayed by just 55 days. During that time, we verified that President Zelensky was the real deal.”

Trump has every right to do what he did. Jordan got key witnesses to concede that no linkage of security assistance dollars to any investigation of Biden or Burisma.

He also got Ambassador Taylor to admit that his knowledge comes from second-hand, third-hand and fourth-hand information.

Just devastating stuff for the Democrats. But by far Devin Nunes delivered the most devastating and humorous blows by simply mocking Adam Schiff by bringing up all the times he has misled the country through leaking and he won the day by reminding Americans that it was Adam Schiff, in his zeal to bring down Trump tried to get nude photos of Trump from Russian pranksters. Nunes said:

“We should forget about them reading fabrications of Trump-Russia collusion from the Steele dossier into the congressional record. We should also forget about them trying to obtain nude pictures of Trump from Russian pranksters who pretended to be Ukrainian officials”

“We’re supposed to take these people at face value when they trot out a new batch of allegations, but anyone familiar with the Democrat’s scorched Earth war against President Trump would not be surprised to see all the typical signs that this is a carefully orchestrated media smear campaign,” Devin added.

“We should forget about them leaking a false story to CNN while he was still testifying to our committee claiming that Donald Trump Jr. was colluding with WikiLeaks and forget about countless other deceptions, large and small that make them the last people on Earth with the credibility to hurl more preposterous accusations at their political opponents,” he said.


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