Dems Tell Hillary Clinton To Shut The F*ck Up After New Trump Attack Backfires In Embarrassing Way


Hillary Clinton launched a new attack on President Trump and it backfired when he even the left turned on her and started a trending hashtag STFUHillary.

That means in twitter shorthand shut the f*ck up Hillary. The left is sick and tired of Hillary and correctly sees her as part of the problem and they know every time she runs her mouth at Trump it actually helps Trump.

The left turned on Hillary and played old videos of her calling young black men super predators and in that way, her reign of political terror ended in humiliation. She has been officially cast aside by the Dems.

From Fox News:

In excerpts of the interview that were published Saturday, Clinton pulled no punches when it comes to the president or his supporters.

 “It is a mystery why anybody with a beating heart and a working mind still supports him,” she said.

Clinton accused Trump of making everything “all about him” instead of addressing problems head on.

“If it’s about a terrible pandemic with an unprecedented virus, he tries to ignore it, tries to keep the attention on himself,” she said. “Then when it becomes impossible to do that, he tries to seize the moment and turn it into a daily rally, like he loves to do. And then when it becomes impossible to ignore, he tries to change the subject, he tries to withdraw from the spotlight so he can come up with some other diversion and distraction for the body politic and the press.”

Clinton then said that in the immediate aftermath of Floyd’s death after being pinned to the ground by Minneapolis police, Trump appeared to respond well, but then dropped the ball.

“[W]hen we have a terrible killing like we did in Minneapolis, he makes some steps toward — in the very early hours after we all saw that horrific video — to look like he’s going to be empathetic, to look like he’s going to try to talk about this stripping bare of the continuing racism and inequities of law enforcement and justice system,” she said. “And then he pivots again because he’s not comfortable doing that.”

The former senator and first lady referred to “the belligerence and the threat-making and the photo-opping,” referring to Trump’s controversial photo outside a D.C. church after smoke canisters and pepper balls were used to clear the area. At the time, Clinton had tweeted that it was “a horrifying use of presidential power.”


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