Dem Senator Reveals What Kavanaugh Smear Job Cost Her And She Deserved It


Sen. Claire McCaskill is finally coming clean and is telling the truth about the Kavanaugh smear job and her colleagues should be ashamed.

The Dems never had the votes to stop Kavanaugh or any of Trump’s nominations to the highest court of the land.

Even if the Democrats had won the Senate in November and had blocked Kavanaugh with their smear job there was still time for Trump to get a new judge confirmed.

In other words, they destroyed the reputations of two people – Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford (she never wanted to be public remember) for cheap political points.

They wanted to gin up the base and set out their markers for their 2020 presidential campaigns (the smear merchants are all over Iowa already)  and it backfired.

America saw right through their BS and sent them a strong message in the midterms, something Sen. Claire McCaskill is finally admitting – that the Kavanaugh smear job sunk her election chances.

From The Free Beacon: “I don’t think my vote [against Kavanaugh] hurt me as much as the spectacle that occurred,” McCaskill told NPR on Friday morning, in her most extensive interview since her defeat. “There were mistakes made by my party in terms of how that was handled.”

McCaskill voted against Kavanaugh, but not because of the sexual assault allegations lobbed against him by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. Her decision, she said, was due to his views on money in politics.

McCaskill told NPR that she thinks Democrats made a mistake by keeping Dr. Ford’s allegation secret until after Kavanaugh’s initial hearing, saying it created the perception that it was an “11th hour attempt to gut a guy.”

“I don’t think that communication [from Dr. Ford] to the judiciary committee should have been kept private as long as it was,” she said. “The FBI deals with a lot of confidential information, and that would have absolved [judiciary committee ranking Democrat Dianne Feinstein] of the very real perception that this was an 11th-hour attempt to gut a guy.”

Beyond the frustration that it hurt her chances to get reelected, McCaskill also said she was irked that Democrats turned Republican senator Lindsey Graham (S.C.) into an enemy.

 “People have black armbands on around the Democratic caucus, because it feels like we’ve lost Lindsey Graham,” she said. “He is someone who was willing to step outside that bubble from time to time and really do the hard work on issues like immigration. We’re mourning right now because we fear he’s gone.”

Graham traveled to Missouri to campaign against McCaskill, a departure from previous cycles when he had refrained from campaigning against sitting colleagues in the Senate.

He expressed frustration while there, telling reporters that he liked working with McCaskill, but that the Kavanaugh hearings convinced him he had to do all he could to help Republicans in the midterm elections.

“I like Claire, but I love the country more,” he said after delivering remarks during a Hawley rally. He did not give her a pass for staying out of the spotlight during the Kavanaugh fight, characterizing her as “somebody that quietly sits on the sidelines while the mob gathers.”


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