Defiant Roger Stone Vows To Beat Charges, Rips Mueller (Video)


Roger Stone was just released and immediately held a press conference on the courtroom steps.

Love him or hate him – you cannot doubt Roger is a true character – a real original. He came out swinging almost in victory but definitely defiant.

He claims he is innocent and he will never bear false witness against President Trump and he will beat these charges.

He ripped Muller for bringing politically motivated charges and slammed the early morning hard-core raid saying all they had to do was call and he would have surrendered.

“There was no Russian collusion, it’s a clear attempt at silencing Roger,” Roger Stone’s attorney Grant Smith told ABC News.

“This was an investigation they started as about Russian collusion and now they’re charging Roger Stone with lying to Congress about something he honestly forgot about, and as Roger has stated publicly before, he will fight the charges,” Smith said.

“The indictment today does not allege Russian collusion by Roger Stone or anyone else. Rather, the indictment focuses on alleged false statements Mr. Stone made to Congress,” Jay Sekulow, Trump’s lawyer said.

“I will plead not guilty to these charges, I will defeat them in court, I believe this is a politically motivated investigation,” Stone said.

“As I have always said, the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about,” Roger Stone says as crowd yells “boo” and chants at him.

Stone’s attorney, Bruce Rogow, told CBS News, “the spectacle of an early morning arrest was absurd. Mr. Stone is not hiding; quite the contrary.”

“It’s disappointing how this was handled. With a simple phone call he would have appeared,” Rogow said.

“Roger Stone on Alex Jones’s show just now: “they could have just contacted my attorneys” to turn himself in. He says, “It was meant to intimidate me, but I am not intimidated.” Jones then tells him to hold on and runs some ads in which Jones is screaming.


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