Cory Booker Trashes Constitution And Founding Fathers


Cory Booker discovered a strange way to run for President – trash the constitution and our hallowed founding fathers.

Look, no one is perfect and times change as we move forward through history but it is disingenuous to look back at history wearing today’s glasses.

It is sheer folly to do so, but that doesn’t stop the Democrats. America is an experiment and has succeeded far beyond anyone’s imagination.

We have literally pulled billions out of poverty while bringing peace to many places in the world while developing new technologies and medicines we share with the less fortunate.

At the same time, we embrace immigrants of all stripes and sizes and treat them equally and give them a chance at the American dream – where else could an immigrant from Somalia like Ilham Omar become a member of Congress?

There is not another place on earth that would allow that to happen, yet for us it is normal. Any sins of the past we have expunged a hundred times over with our present and future and the Dems forget that at their peril.

From The Free Beacon:

Democratic presidential candidate Cory Booker said the Founding Fathers wrote “bigotries” into the United States Constitution.

Speaking to NPR’s Morning Edition, Booker called for “creating consensus,” by leveling criticism at America’s founding.

“The founders were imperfect geniuses,” Booker said. “They wrote a lot of our bigotries into [the Constitution].”

“If you think about how we have overcome those things, it’s always been by creating, first, calls to consciousness, speaking truth about the injustices, and then bringing together those uncommon coalitions,” he said.

“We are a nation of conscience, and I found partners on the other side of the aisle who agree with me on these issues,” Booker said. “And we can build from there.”

It is unclear what “bigotries” Booker is specifically referencing. Request for comment was not immediately returned.

Several of Booker’s fellow Democratic candidates for president, including Sens. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) and Kamala Harris (Calif.), have come out in support of reparations, once a fringe position held on the far left. Booker has yet to take a position on paying reparations for slavery.

Booker’s accusations of bigotry were not limited to the Founding Fathers. Booker also accused President Donald Trump of using “rank racist rhetoric” during the immigration debate, where the president has called for securing the border.

The New Jersey Democrat also dismissed “rugged individualism.”

“I love rugged individualism and self-reliance. But rugged individualism didn’t get us to the moon,” he said. “It didn’t beat the Nazis or Jim Crow.”


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