Condoleezza Rice Breaks Silence, Takes Shot At Trump: ‘Stop Tweeting and Use Language of Unity’


Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice broke her silence on Sunday and like Colin Powell, she took a few shots at Trump.

Unlike Powell, she did not say she would vote against Trump and get mocked online as Colin was – he was quickly reminded of the time he helped lie this nation into war. People who live in glass houses….

Condi seemed wary of that fate and take a few small shots at Trump telling him to stop tweeting and unify the country during this time of crisis but stopping short of saying she would not support him or vote for him, things Powell did say.

She specifically wants Trump to address the nation using “the language of unity” to defuse tensions across the country. I am not sure there is anything Trump can do that would make half the country not hate him but she is entitled to her opinion.

From The Hill:

“I would ask the president to first and foremost speak in the language of unity, the language of empathy. Not everyone is going to agree with any president, with this president, but you have to speak to every American, not just to those who might agree with you,” Rice, who served during the George W. Bush administration, said on CBS’s “Face the Nation.”

“I’ve heard the president talk about the resilience of Americans. I’d love to hear more of that.

Twitter and tweeting are not great ways for complex thoughts, for complex messages,” she added.

“When the president speaks, it needs to be from a place of thoughtfulness, from a place of having really honed the message so that it reaches all Americans.”

CBS’s Margaret Brennan asked Rice specifically about a tweet from the president that was flagged for promoting violence for including the phrase “when the looting starts, the shooting starts,” which had previously been used by Miami’s police chief during the Jim Crow era.

“[H]e said that he didn’t know that historical context. And so I would say think about the historical context before you say something, because it is a deep wound,” Rice said. “Just be careful about those messages.

I’m not advising the president, but if I were, I would say let’s put tweeting aside for a little bit and- and talk to us, have a conversation with us. And I think we need that. And I think he can do it.”


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