CNN & MSNBC Analyst Crosses Line, Wishes Melania Trump Will Get Infected And Gives Up Entire Game


A never Trumper who was once a star in Republican political circles but who has since fallen from grace is back at it.

He rose to liberal fame with repeated attacks on President Trump and now he is getting blasted on social media for seeming to wish Melania Trump gets the coronavirus.

It is scandalous to be sure and Rick Wilson is claiming he was mocking her Bebest campaign and not wishing she gets the coronavirus.

Rick Wilson is an analyst for CNN and MSNBC and is a hero to the left for his Trump attacks.

He used to be a hatchet man for the GOP and is behind some of their nastiest and notorious political hit pieces.

He has atoned for his sins and the left gives him a pass but if you really want to know why this country is so divided it is guys like Wilson on the right and his counterparts on the left.

They get paid to make divisions in America to benefit whatever candidate is paying them – they don’t care about America or the future, they care about winning and how much money they can skim off the effort.

The guy is a master of the dark arts and he must know deep down in his heart that the left will turn on him. And soon.


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