CBS Reporter Trashes Hillary Clinton For Attacking Trump’s Judges: “A Yale-educated lawyer should know better”


Hillary Clinton continues to disgrace and now she is attacking one of Trump’s signature accomplishments – his remaking of the federal judiciary.

Elections have consequences, queen of warmongers, and if you wanted to pick the judges that will decide America’s future you should have gone to Wisconsin.

“I do think, though, when you’re making decisions as momentous as picking judges for the federal bench, the person you consider should have relevant experience and should be judged qualified to hold the positions,” Clinton said.

“Obviously, that wasn’t a worry with Justice Ginsburg, but we’ve recently seen people largely chosen on the basis of age, and therefore longevity, and political ideology being pushed through despite having no relevant experience.”

Shockingly, a CBS reporter couldn’t stomach Hillary’s nonsense and put her in her place. From The Free Beacon:

CBS correspondent Jan Crawford ripped twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Wednesday, calling her statement on judicial confirmations “wrong on multiple levels.”

In response to Clinton claiming that Republican nominees had “no relevant experience,” Crawford said the former secretary of state was trying to score “cheap political points.”

“You may have an issue with Bush/Trump nominees, but they generally (and certainly relatively speaking) are qualified and experienced,” Crawford wrote in a Twitter thread. “And no one should ever assume Republicans don’t take ‘seriously’ the selection of judges.”

“Dismissing those judges as political hacks is a disservice and cheapens our discourse. And a Yale-educated lawyer not looking to score cheap political points should know better,” she added.


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