Bill Barr Rips Obama’s ‘Kangaroo Justice’ System For Unfairly Targeting Male College Students Accused Of Sexual Misconduct


    Bill Barr ripped Barack Obama’s administration to shreds in a resurfaced book blurb for what they did to college males accused of sexual misconduct.

    He called what the Obama administration did ‘Kangaroo justice’ and he is not wrong either. Look at it this way, the left hates, I mean they really hate, Trump senior adviser Stephen Miller.

    Hate is actually not strong enough, they literally blame everything on Miller. He is the devil incarnate to them. Now, Miller has been working in DC for a while but the way he got there should give liberals pause.

    He rallied against the Duke Lacrosse rape sham – remember that? When they destroyed innocent people based on a drug-addled prostitute? And then had to recant and drop charges and the prosecutor ended up going to jail and getting disbarred?

    There was no due process for those boys and Miller used that scandal and the ones that came from it to garner a national presence.

    In other words, liberal hysteria directly helped Stephen Miller get where he is today. Barr for his part sounded the alarm as well. From The Washington Examiner:

    Attorney General William Barr excoriated how former President Barack Obama’s Department of Education handled accusations of sexual misconduct on college campuses.

    NBC News resurfaced an endorsement Barr wrote for the 2017 book Campus Rape Frenzy: The Attack on Due Process at America’s Universities by K.C. Johnson and Stuart Taylor. The book argues that the process of adjudicating campus sexual misconduct accusations created by the Obama administration disadvantaged the accused.

    The Department of Education, under the Obama administration, “created a regime of kangaroo justice” against those accused of sexual misconduct by “promulgating rules beyond its statutory authority, invoking erroneous data, and fanning the false narrative of ‘rape culture’ on college campuses,” Barr wrote.

    “Male students accused of sexual misconduct are found guilty, their lives destroyed, by campus panels operating without any semblance of due process and all too frequently on the basis of grossly inadequate information,” Barr said.

    From NBC:

    Barr’s praise for “Campus Rape Frenzy: The Attack on Due Process at America’s Universities” by K.C. Johnson and Stuart Taylor, is posted on the book’s page. But during his confirmation hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee in January, Barr was not questioned about the blurb, which suggested men are often railroaded by a politically correct campus “mob.”

    In the blurb, Barr praises the book for examining multiple cases where, as he described, “Male students are sacrificed to the mob, with academic leaders happily serving as the hangmen.”

    “President Obama’s Education Department — promulgating regulations beyond its statutory authority, invoking erroneous data, and fanning the false narrative of a ‘rape culture’ on college campuses — has created a regime of kangaroo justice,” Barr wrote in the blurb.


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