Barack Obama Trashes President Trump In Unhinged Rant


Barack Obama went to Canada and promptly took a few cheap shots at President Trump. In doing so, he missed the plot and all the lessons from 2016.

Other leading Democrats have as well, leaving Trump a mile wide opening to march through to reelection.

Look, this stuff is not that complicated – corporations and politicians worked hand in hand to make fortunes offshoring as many jobs as they could.

And in the process, they decimated the middle class. If you want to win, speak credibly to the middle class. If you want to lose, mock them as Obama does here in an unhinged rant.

From The Daily Caller: “I do have a little bit of a love affair with Canada,” Obama told his Canadian supporters at Ottawa’s Canadian Tire Centre Friday night, according to Canadian Press.

Obama stuck to a familiar theme, especially so for his appearances in Canada, attacking the forces of populism while managing to castigate the presidency of Donald Trump without naming his opponent.

“I left the office cautiously optimistic,” he told the almost 12,000 people in attendance. That remark promoted the audience to laugh, according to CP.

“I know why you all are laughing,” he said.

He also expressed his concern that social media continues to allow people to express opinions and ideas that the former president believes can be dangerous if they do not adhere to something called “baseline truth.”

Obama acknowledged that even traditional media is often at loggerheads in their efforts to report facts to American readers and viewers. “The Fox News viewer has a completely different reality than the New York Times reader,” he said.

But for the moment, the former president warned, the world is in the grip of what he called the “ancient story” of “primal” politics. In an obvious reference to Trump, Obama suggested “a strong man” can exploit the divisions in the body politic.

“It focuses on us and not us — it’s tribal. It’s a zero-sum contest between people. And a strong man appears who is going to protect all of us from them,” Obama said, according to CP.

“That kind of politics has gotten traction, that story has gotten a lot of traction around the world … it’s not unique to any particular country.”


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