AOC Gives Up Game, Trashes GOP For Not Giving Cash To Immigrants


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is between a rock and a hard place along with the rest of her radical friends.

If she votes for the stimulus she will be accused of selling out and if she does not she will be accused of hurting the country.

Governing is hard, making speeches and TV appearances are easy as she is finding out the hard way.

So as she faces the vote she must take her frustration is bubbling over and she gave away the game in a Twitter temper tantrum.

AOC is furious with the bill because it does not give cash to immigrants. She said,

“What Trump + Senate GOP have done is hold hospitals, working people, and the vulnerable hostage so they could get in $500 billion (that will be leveraged into $4T) in corporate welfare.

Without the Wall St giveaway, GOP refuses to fund hospitals & unemployment. It’s inhumane.

To clarify, $1200 checks are ONLY going to some w/social sec numbers, NOT immigrants w/ tax IDs (ITINs).

Thanks to GOP, these checks will be cut off the backs of *taxpaying immigrants,* who get nothing. Many are essential workers who pay more taxes than Amazon. Wall St gets $4T”

She said this yesterday, “Just a reminder that there is absolutely no good reason why Senate Republicans are tying a historic corporate giveaway to getting relief money in the hands of families.

They could just authorize sending checks to families today, right now, & deal with the rest. But they refuse.”


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