Alan Dershowitz Drops Hammer On Ilhan Omar


Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz has had enough of Ilhan Omar. Alan, one of the country’s foremost intellects, makes a strong case that her time is up and the Democrats need to make a move.

Look, the Democrats have a choice to make about the direction of their party and if they make the wrong choice they will pay at the ballot box.

Also, Trump is a formidable opponent and to hand Trump such easy targets to hit during the coming campaign is just dumb, but in line with the Democrats history of blowing elections.

From Big League Politics: Harvard Law professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz wants controversial Congresswoman Ilhan Omar out of Congress.

Earlier this week, Dershowitz called for Democrats to defeat her in her next primary.

On Fox News, Dershowitz said “The Democrats must marginalize her and distance her from the center of the party. And I hope she’ll be primaried, and she should be beaten in a primary by people who support the United States and people who support American allies, rather than people who support American enemies.””

In the last few weeks, Omar has garnered controversy for asserting that the Jewish lobby has too much power in DC.

After pressure from House Democratic leaders, Omar apologized, but continued scuffling with Jewish Democratic lawmakers over the past weekend.

Congresswoman Nita Lowey called out Omar’s remarks for saying that Jewish lawmakers have an allegiance to a foreign country like Israel. Omar responded, “Our democracy is built on debate, Congresswoman! I have not mischaracterized our relationship with Israel, I have questioned it and that has been clear from my end.”

Dershowitz believes that Omar is misinterpreting Lowey’s support for a U.S. ally.

He continued:

“For her to accuse Jewish members of Congress and non-Jewish members of Congress of dual loyalty because they support America’s allies … would you accuse somebody of dual loyalty if they supported England, if they supported France and other American allies?”

In Dershowitz’s view, Omar pulled a “bait and switch” in the House, because she originally did not campaign on an anti-Israel platform, but is now honing in on the issue.

Indeed, Ilhan Omar’s stint in Congress has been controversial across the board.


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