After Another Election Debacle, Matt Gaetz Demands Brenda Snipes Face Full Weight Of Law


Matt Gaetz does not suffer liberal fools like the incompetent Brenda Snipes easily. Look, Gaetz like most republicans gets results. The Democrats simply allow incompetence to fester and spread through a bureaucracy.

This debacle in Florida is just another example of the differences between the two parties – one fosters inept bureaucrats like Snipes and the other does not.

You would think the Democrats would have gotten rid of her by now as she is clearly a walking disaster but you would be wrong. Matt Gaetz, however, has a solution.

“Broward Supervisor Brenda Snipes was just found to have violated the constitutional rights of Floridians. It would be outrageous to allow her to continue this fiasco. @FLGovScott needs to do his job, suspend her, and have the Secretary of State place the office in receivership.”

“The lawyers for #BrendaSnipes will not allow comply with court order. That very same order, ruled that Snipes violated the Florida Constitution by not allowing access to these important records. I suspect the night will lead into drafting a motion for contempt…”

Marco Rubio piled on the hapless and shockingly still employed Snipes:

“I believe that at best, the best case scenario – she is incompetent and doesn’t know how to do the job; worst case scenario is there is something nefarious involved here.”


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